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I believe in creating a safe space where students feel comfortable and receptive to understanding the art of dance. I use the pragmatic theory and digital integration as a framework for sensory experience in order to facilitate individual development of dance education through providing knowledge and skills needed for artistic communication for one to create, perform, and understand movement. Thinking about the world from a sensory viewpoint, I permeate traditional structured classes with facilitated awareness and reflection. Creating a space where students are able to recognize, understand, and implement their own “values, thoughts, and aspirations about the lives we live and the world in which we live” (NDEO, 2017). My background in contemporary dance techniques, ballet techniques, somatic practices, dance and technology, performances, content creation, and my own choreographies serve as a platform to engage others in intra- and interpersonal experiential discoveries. As a dance advocate, I employ innovative technological methods to engage and foster a community experience in 21st century dance education.

Current Classes

Video by Asiyah Martin 

cell sell selF: Cell phone-based choreography 


In this class, we use our cell phones and publicity practices to explore self-led movement making. 

Dance Conditioning

Tailored in length this class combines aerobics, Pilates, Yoga, and Dance for a low-impact practice to make sure you feel strengthened, stretched, and serene.

Distortion: Contemporary Dance

Distortion- contemporary dance is a class where one explores contemporary dance techniques through Distortion Methods of the body such as fragmenting the body, twisting body parts, and challenging one’s movement patterns. This contemporary dance class begins with a more traditional stretch and strengthening warm up before exploring the unfamiliar. This class guides students through a movement experience that challenges movers to expand their awareness and appreciation for the beauty of dance and share new possibilities of how to generate movement. 

Make-Capture-Share: Content Creation and Marketing


Social media and the digital world is influences how people make, consume, experience, and discuss dance. In this experiential lecture, participants engage with tangible Digital Dance tips and resources to further implement in their life and creative endeavors.

Movement Analysis

This course explores a variety of approaches, or lenses, for observing and analyzing movement. Different observational techniques and approaches will

be introduced through class experiences so students can gain new and different perspectives of performed movement. Students will discover which observational approaches are most useful in specific learning, teaching, and rehearsal contexts. Students will get comfortable with verbalizing dance and learn to use these skills in describing their own work, and in writing about dance for different audiences/purposes including scholarly analysis, performance reviews, promotional materials, teaching/educational purposes, somatic awareness, and, digital citizenship.

SEE-HEAR-TOUCH: Amplified Improvisation 

In this master-class, participants will experiment with generating unique movement vocabulary through the sensing method improvisational score. The sensing method is an improvisational score where one engages visual (seeing), auditory (hearing), and kinesthetic (touching) senses to investigate and amplify spatial potential. We define spatial potential as the interaction that occurs between the environment and the participant. 

Martheya has taught at festivals, institutions, & organizations including:

Contact me for masterclasses, workshops, lectures, or additional teaching needs. 

American College Dance Association Conference (ACDA) -- College Station, Texas, USA

Arts Mission Oak Cliff - Oak Cliff, Texas, USA

Big Rig Dance Co-Op -- Arlington, Texas, USA

Cistercian Preparatory School -- Irving, Texas, USA 

Collin College -- Plano, Texas, USA

Dance Gathering -- Dallas, Texas, USA

Dance Planet -- Dallas, Texas, USA

Eastfield College -- Mesquite, Texas, USA

Plano East High School -- Plano, Texas, USA

Richland College -- Dallas, Texas, USA

Sam Houston State University -- Huntsville, Texas, USA

Tarrant County College -- Arlington, Texas, USA

Texas Woman's University -- Denton, Texas, USA

Universidad de las Américas -- Cholula, Puebla, Mexico

University of North Texas -- Denton, Texas, USA

World Dance Alliance Americas -- El Paso, Texas, USA

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